Statement of Intent:


We have reached the upper limits of the materials in the PATHFINDER system during From the Ashes of the Great Convergence, and we had to make a hard choice when it came to our next step. Do we mod the PATHFINDER system to allow for Epic Level Play, do we end the campaign, or do we find another system that can handle play among immortals and demi-gods. After some shameless self-promotion, and a lot of hard work, by TheMainEvent – we have decided to run with the MARVEL BASIC GAME version of the CORTEX PLUS system. We have already started to convert the characters over to the new system, and I believe that this is going to work extremely well for us.

In the final sessions of our PATHFINDER game we will be fighting to drive the Great Devourerer from the face of the world, banishing him to the depth of Abbadon. Though this will not make the world completely safe, it will eliminate one of the three major threats to it; and free your souls from his immediate grasp. This leaves The ROOT, and the Absolutes. Given that The Absolutes have already been driven back to their lair, it seems like they should be the focus of the next section. You will have to deal with them while fending off the ROOT’s advances…

We will be experimenting with the newfound freedoms, and abstract limitations of CORTEX PLUS. In the short run we will be using your main characters as playable. Over time I would like to allow you to use your henchmen and even unlock world leaders as playable charcters for particular events. At this point we may even experiment with Troupe Style play to allow swap outs between Acts, or even Scenes. Please feel Free to comment here and/ or Email me with questions, comments, and considerations as we enter this new and exciting chapter in the Universe after The Great Convergence…


The Great Convergence: Absolute Victory

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